img_0653After so many years I finally did it.

I moved back to Vancouver, in all of its glory, lights, people and possibilities. How fiercely I missed all of this. Am currently holed up in a hostel in the downtown core, near the waterfront and, despite the filth and often shady people coming and going, I am, by virtue of being in this city, feeling peaceful and the most at-home I’ve felt in over a decade.

I’m back, Vancouver!

I hope to start school soon and get myself situated even sooner, lest I spend too much time in this dim den of inequity.

If you read this, or follow my blog in any way, thank you.

Remember: Don’t look for love. Don’t hope to find it in a place, or a time, or with someone. Be it. You are the love you seek.

Much love and kindness,


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