Flat-iron curls

I have been practicing usage of the flatiron for curls and waves purposes. Adjusting to the hand gymnastics required for it is definitely a challenge, but one I enjoy all the same. Prior to school I never touched a hair brush, a curling iron, a bobby pin or anything other than styling products related to hair, so this course is equally challening as it is good. Because I have no history in hair, of any kind, I get to learn all new, and good habits, instead of trying to unlearn old ones. This is definitely a bonus.

Below are some photos of my recent attemt at using the flat iron to produce curls. I gently brushed the crown and interior areas of the head to relax some of the waves up top. Is it a masterpiece? By any stretch, no. But I did my best. I’ll continue to work on technique.

One day I know I’ll look back on these photos with embarrassment but I wanted to chronicle my progress.

Much love an wishes for an emotionally prosperous new year to anyone reading this.


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