Valentine’s Day – Not for lovers

At least, not technically, and not to me.

It’s about remembering who we are, what we’re capable of.

It’s a gentle reminder to be patient. To be compassionate. To try our best to be empathetic. To gaze upon our reflections with less scorn and comtempt.

It’s a tap on our shoulders to extend a hand of help wherever we can. To reconnect with those we can. To help light the path for someone lost. To give of ourselves in hopes of making another life easier.

It’s encouragement to listen to the laughter of a child, the tales of the aged. To interface more with this spectacular and irreplaceable celestial orb we call home. The Rain and thunder, the crashing of waves on shores here and abroad. The radiant bursts of color at days end and the serenity of the dawn of a new day, a new effort, a new chapter for us.

It’s a voice telling us to see more through the eyes of others; friends, lovers, partners, friends we’ve yet to meet. To try to feel as they do to better understand them and what makes them them; the road-map to compassion. To not be burdened by those who wronged us, one act of forgiveness at a time. Forgiveness: the art of refusing to be anchored to any feeling less than that which brings light to our world.

It’s a chance to breathe. To take a step back from what weighs us down: the self-doubt, the internal naysaying, our detractors, and let it go. Breathe, smile, and forge ahead, just as you’ve always done. You’re more capable than you think you are.

It’s our opportunity to be thankful, to be overwhelmed with gratitude for those who have helped us reach the heights we have risen, or shall rise to. To embrace, with calm requital, those who have loved us enough to help keep our paths as clear as they could.

It’s an impetus to reopen our hearts and care more, to let go of life’s great inhibitor: fear. To replace it with love one deed and change at a time. To reconnect to the child you once were; born as, and forever connected to: Love.

Indeed, Valentine’s Day is a day of love, but I reckon it ought to be more broad in how we disperse and define it.

February 14 is an opportunity to hit the reset button on the love we’ve tried to be, give and, ultimately, receive.

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