Valentine’s Day – Not for lovers

At least, not technically, and not to me. It’s about remembering who we are, what we’re capable of. It’s a gentle reminder to be patient. To be compassionate. To try our best to be empathetic. To gaze upon our reflections with less scorn and comtempt. It’s a tap on our shoulders to extend a hand […]

Salon Floor

This is my place of training. What you see here is only a partial panorama. There’s another side to this salon not visible. It’s a daunting experience. Clients as well as students occupy this space for a multitude of reasons. Soon I begin my client haircuts on this very floor and down the street at […]

Flat-iron curls

I have been practicing usage of the flatiron for curls and waves purposes. Adjusting to the hand gymnastics required for it is definitely a challenge, but one I enjoy all the same. Prior to school I never touched a hair brush, a curling iron, a bobby pin or anything other than styling products related to […]

Fail Curls

.. but I did my best. This was my second shot at doing them. Some things come so easily for me and, others, not. This was a not. Taken on the Salon Floor, Blanche Macdonald Center, Robson campus. Just have fun with it, they said. Hmm..

Practice practice practice

Though I love the school atmosphere and being there, to learn, to get inspired, to try to hone my very new craft, I also enjoy the quiet nights – save for some thumping music – of practice at home, where I’m far less stressed than at said school. I’ve been shampooing, conditioning, doing nine section […]